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The Changing Face of Technology


The other day one of our advisers asked me to text a client to remind them of several requirements which were still outstanding in terms of insurance underwriting.

“TEXT” a client!!!!

Look how far we have come. Technology has had a definite impact on the way we conduct everything in life. In the ‘good old days’ which in truth really weren’t that long along. people did all their business locally. Trips were regularly made to banks, lawyers, accountants even financial advisers. Ledger books and cheques were used and that mysterious thing call cash was actually carried.

Let me ask you a few simple questions when was the last time you entered an actual bank???? Do you have any cash in your wallet???

Nowadays those who do not have a cell phone/laptop/ipad or the latest technology gadget are considered dinosaurs, old fashioned and backwards. Business has changed. You can sit at home wearing sweat pants and runners whilst emailing your financial adviser, manage investments at a click of a button, talk to people on the other side of the world but just sound so clear that you would think they were in the next room or conduct business at 3am when overseas markets are just waking up.

Does this technological approach to life carry with it the personal touch? Or is it impersonal ?

Here at Ark Financial Group we have embraced technology. In our office alone there are 6 cell phones all with internet capability, but nevertheless we still have a wireless network. So what’s next for Ark? An app to download for smart phones? The added ability to work out quotes on the run. What about 3D imaging on your adviser? So at review time they pop up and go through your current covers??

As long as there is imagination – technology will keep changing.

Covered and not just with a blanket


Within days of bringing home from the hospital my new-born daughter I got her added to our health insurance. Is this something that everyone thinks about or only me because I have a background in insurance? I didn’t want to get into a situation when we would have to wait for to have surgery or get medical treatment.


Health care in New Zealand isn’t what it once was. Somehow in the last few years the words such as ‘waiting lists’ and ‘ACC’ have creaped into our vocabulary’s. Those who are not willing to go on the ‘waiting lists’ have been known to take loans, re-mortgage properties to get the medial care they need. Then they spend years trying to pay off these loans. Otherwise you sit on the waiting list and wait and wait …


My question to you is – is it worth all this stress? When all it took me was 5 minutes on the phone and bam my daughter was covered under our policy.


My gift to my daughter is knowing she is covered and not just with a blanket.