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Covered and not just with a blanket


Within days of bringing home from the hospital my new-born daughter I got her added to our health insurance. Is this something that everyone thinks about or only me because I have a background in insurance? I didn’t want to get into a situation when we would have to wait for to have surgery or get medical treatment.


Health care in New Zealand isn’t what it once was. Somehow in the last few years the words such as ‘waiting lists’ and ‘ACC’ have creaped into our vocabulary’s. Those who are not willing to go on the ‘waiting lists’ have been known to take loans, re-mortgage properties to get the medial care they need. Then they spend years trying to pay off these loans. Otherwise you sit on the waiting list and wait and wait …


My question to you is – is it worth all this stress? When all it took me was 5 minutes on the phone and bam my daughter was covered under our policy.


My gift to my daughter is knowing she is covered and not just with a blanket.