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 Preparing for Big Life Changes

A financial health check-up can help establish your current financial situation along with identifying any strengths and weaknesses in your current financial protection plans. To help you be prepared for your insurance review, take the next few minutes to think about the following:

• Increased your mortgage(s) and or changed homes?
• Separated from your Partner or Spouse? Entered into a new relationship?
• Had more children? Had children turn 21?
• Are your children under 18? You may be entitled to FREE children's trauma.
• Changed occupation including becoming self-employed?
• Had a pay increase or decrease?
• Stopped smoking?
• Further discussion on fixed/level premium options for those over 45?
• Had a change in health that may trigger a removal of an exclusion or loading on your insurances?
• Would like further discussion on KiwiSaver?
• Discuss a CPI (inflation) increase of $5,000 without having to complete any paperwork?
• Would like further discussion on Retirement planning?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions it maybe time for a financial review.  Contact your adviser or phone the office on 03 3602001