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house mortgage protection


Your home is your castle. But what would happen if you lost your job or became disabled due to injury or illness? How long could you continue to pay your mortgage? Life insurance isn’t enough. Anyone who has a mortgage should consider mortgage protection insurance. The primary difference between mortgage protection insurance is that it covers your mortgage repayments and Income protection insurance covers your annual wages.




No offsets

Unlike normal Income Protection, there will be NO income offsets on the mortgage repayment amount insured. This means you could receive both ACC and your mortgage repayments while you are off work – potentially seeing you receive more money whilst off work than when you were at work!

Optional redundancy cover

Most Mortgage Protection policies offer an option to insure yourself against redundancy. Income protection rarely pays for loss of income if the reason for the lost income is unemployment due to redundancy

Recent changes

You don’t need a mortgage to use this benefit anymore – this is an option for people renting. They will cover up to 40% of your income, recognizing people may still have to be paying rent.

We welcome you to contact your adviser, to ask if this would be a suitable option for your situation and we will be happy to assist.