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Rogaine is a sport for the newbie and the gurus, with distances and level of difficulty to suit all players.  It is run all year round with different events around Canterbury and New Zealand.

In Rogaining each team is made up of 2-5 people and you must find as many checkpoints as possible in the time frame available.  Each checkpoint is allocated points (depending on the level of difficulty) and at the end of the time your points are added up and the team with the most points wins.

Teams travel on foot, although bike rogaining is gaining in popularity, navigating by map and compass to find the checkpoints.  You travel at your own pace so is great fun for all the family and on the smaller courses a high level of compass and navigation ability is not required.

Wicked Rogaines offers a 1 or 2-hour option in the evening held on the Port Hills. Also, on the Port Hills is the Spring Rogaine a 3-6 hour and for a real challenge you can venture out into the longer 12-24 hours courses.Rogaine

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