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Group insurance for employees in New Zealand is much less common than typically found overseas. A leading reason for this is our strong public health system, social benefits and ACC which is near unique to New Zealand.
The most common form of group insurance here, is health insurance. Many leading companies provide this for their staff, with benefits of:

  • enabling treatment to be done in a timely fashion, avoiding waiting lists, thus returning to work sooner 
  • saving staff insurance costs through group discounts
    giving a benefit to staff and family members that some couldn’t get themselves due to pre-existing conditions 
  • staff retention
  • healthier work places


 One employer who started a scheme this year was blown away by the feed-back from staff. In three cases, a family member was then immediately able to go and get the treatment they had been waiting for, after been on the public waiting list for over a year and all medical costs covered. The employees were able to get their quality of life and dignity back. The staff were so grateful for the life changing benefit.

At Ark, we can help you or your employer to investigate the options for your work place with a number of providers; with groups now starting from as low as 5 members, small to medium businesses can benefit also.

Please contact your adviser to discuss further, we are keen to help.

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