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It’s not always easy to talk about yourself. We much prefer to let our clients say it for us. Here are some of their stories:

Our dreams could in fact become realistic goals

We are at a stage in our lives where we have a large mortgage, lots of household expenses due to our large family but also an increasing income.We are at a stage in our lives where we have a large mortgage, lots of household expenses due to our large family but also an increasing income.We had looked and paid for financial advice in the past but didn't receive helpful, realistic advice until we went through the Optimiser Programme with Stephen.  The advice we had received in the past related (separately) to retirement savings, investing in property and restructuring our mortgage in order to pay it off more quickly but we were looking for someone who could look at our unique family and financial situation and give us some advice on how to best use our finances and plan wisely for our future.Going through the Optimiser Programme with Stephen covered all of these aspects and more, giving us a complete overview of our finances and a forecast of our future finances, giving us sound advice on going forward and achieving our goals.At the start of the programme we came up with some goals we thought might be realistic and then we talked about some of our dreams or wishes for the future.  Stephen showed us that our dreams could in fact become realistic goals and set up a plan showing us how we could achieve them.This programme is well worth the investment (it is a lot less than what we have paid for in the past where we received very little advice).  Stephen is very easy to talk to and has a good practical outlook on financial matters.  We highly recommend the Optimiser Programme.

Clients wish to stay anonymous but are happy for people to get in touch with them if they want to know more.

He took time to listen, explain, and teach us effective financial strategies

We wholeheartedly, without hesitation, recommend Stephen to anyone requiring assistance around their finances.  
Stephen was patient and non-judgemental.  He took time to listen, explain, and teach us effective strategies so we can better manage our finances, reduce debt and move towards our goals. 
After a thorough analysis of our financial situation, Stephen returned with a personalised plan, including a detailed budget, debt reduction schedule and retirement savings plan.  We have found his plans easy to implement and have very quickly seen positive results.
As a direct result of Stephen’s expertise, we now have a realistic perspective on our financial status, feel in control and well on our way to success.  Instead of feeling overwhelmed by on-going financial pressures, we now have a plan and a new set of skills, which we will continue to practise throughout our lives.
The Author of this testimony wishes to remain anonymous but they are happy for you to get in touch with us for their contact details.

Comprehensive Cover - Invaluable

”Ever since we were married, Dave and I have always had basic insurance. Then when Dave decided to start his own landscaping business we realised we’d need to extend it. With three children and Dave the sole income earner; security and peace of mind were really important to us. After talking to our broker, Ian Wallace, we realised we’d need Income Protection, and, Disability and Trauma cover. Of course, extensive cover like this doesn’t come without a price tag. Under Ian’s guidance we’d annually review how much was necessary. He would do an assessment to ensure we had the right cover based on our needs. If a better or more comprehensive cover was suitable, he would advise and action it accordingly.

Two years ago, Dave suffered a seizure whilst working; only a month after having been given a clean bill of health by his GP at his annual check-up. Dave was diagnosed with a brain tumour. It was the darkest of days for our family as we struggled to come to terms with Dave’s health, and the life-changing decisions we were faced with.

Before Dave was diagnosed, we’d hear stories like what we’ve just been through, and think “how sad for that family, and how lucky for our family that it hasn’t happened to us!” Well, now sadly, we are that family “it” happened to. I’m so grateful for all the years of premiums that we reluctantly paid. No-one knows what’s ahead and in a blink of an eye, “it” can happen to anyone.

Having comprehensive cover in place, and confidence in a caring and a knowledgeable agent, has made our family’s journey through these dark days so much easier. It’s important to have the right cover, and equally important to have the right insurance agent to help support you and guide you in actioning policies when the time comes. We’re so glad we did.”

“My partner was in intensive care”

I have no hesitation in recommending Tim Stevenson of Ark Financial Group. He has always given us good, honest advice and had our best interests at heart. In particular, it was his invaluable help with a claim when my partner was in intensive care. It was a time of great stress for us. Tim made all the inquiries for me, filled out the forms and just sent me anything that required my signature. It allowed me to spend as much time as I needed at the hospital. Thanks, Tim.
-Pam Coleman

“We would have lost our home”

On the 18th of April 2009 Marty broke his leg very badly and was unable to return to full time work until January 2011. Without the key person benefit insurance policy we are quite sure we would have lost our home as we would not have been able to live and pay the mortgage. We are incredibly glad that we got great advice and guidance from Stephen about this cover, and that it was there when we needed it most.
-Aimee McKay

“I was unable to work for five weeks”

My name is Carl Roberts. My wife and I have had life insurance with trauma cover for about 12 years. I never actually thought I would be in the situation where I was calling Tim Stevenson to use it but I was diagnosed with a rare smooth muscle cancer called Leiomyosarcoma. It required surgical removal which was the only option, and meant a few days in hospital post-surgery. Recovery required another five weeks off work.

As a one-wage family with a ten-month old daughter, we were paying a mortgage on a property currently being constructed, and renting due to losing our house in the February quake. Financially and emotionally we were very stressed, as many Cantabrians would understand. We were only just keeping our head above water. Not working for five weeks and not being able to claim ACC would have left us in dire straits. I rung Tim and discussed what was happening and fortunately with minimal paperwork and in a timely manner, full payment under the trauma policy was received. This made life a lot less stressful financially, bills were able to be paid, food put on the table and I was able to focus on my recovery, which ultimately enabled me to return to work quicker. You never know when something like this could happen to you or to your family. The minimal monthly outlay for premiums is well worth it.
Thanks once again Tim and the team from Ark Financial Group.
-Carl Roberts

“Trauma cover provided capital”

Three weeks after having suspicious lumps in my breast diagnosed, I was in for surgery. This was followed by 6 months of chemotherapy treatment. Knowing my health care and treatment were being covered by my private health provider was a great weight off our minds. At a time when Brad needed to be close and not at work, the trauma cover provided capital for us to provide a few home comforts and no worries about immediate income.
Both the health cover and trauma are a part of our insurance plans, one providing payment of medical bills and trauma providing a lump sum for us to do what we want with it. One without the other would have made life difficult for us, so we were very happy we had the extra protection in our time of need.
-Linda and Brad

“We wanted to protect our family financially and health-wise”

We first met our adviser, Steven, from Ark Group when we arrived as new migrants from England. We wanted to make sure our family was fully protected both financially and health wise during the transition to our new life in New Zealand. Steven was so patient with us, taking the time to explain how everything worked in this new country and answering our torrent of questions. When he was unsure of something, he would research it and get straight back to us. His organisational and communication skills have been exemplary. The policies that we have purchased have been a perfect fit for our family, very reasonably priced and no hassle to set up. Steven is not only a true professional that we believe to be trustworthy, honest and reliable but also a very decent, nice person. We have no hesitation in recommending Ark to anyone.
-Annette and Lee Sylvester