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on: 03 360 2001

It’s not always easy to talk about yourself. We much prefer to let our clients say it for us. Here are some of their stories:

“A mole on my arm turned out to be melanoma”

I'm approaching 65 and almost a year ago I met with our Adviser to discuss my insurance needs; in particular the continuation of my Income Protection policy. Our Adviser pointed out that the benefits were close to running out but suggested that I consider taking out a Trauma Policy with Fidelity Life. After some consideration and discussion with my partner, we decided to run with his recommendation. In January of this year I had a mole removed from my arm which turned out to be Melanoma. In March I underwent a wide excision & Sentinel Node Biopsy with a Plastic Surgeon and I'm happy to advise that he was able to confirm that the cancer hadn't spread. The all-clear biopsy result came with a feeling of huge relief. During this time, our Adviser was kept in the loop and provided professional support throughout the whole process. A month ago I lodged a Trauma claim with Fidelity which was successful. Once again our Adviser was there to assist with the paper-work and made the process as seamless as it could be. I am very grateful for his support and help during what was a rather scary time. Thank you to our Adviser. (Our Adviser has chosen to stay anonymous as he believes that his fellow advisers at ARK do an equally good job looking after their clients.)
- Valued client