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on: 03 360 2001

It’s not always easy to talk about yourself. We much prefer to let our clients say it for us. Here are some of their stories:

“Trauma cover provided capital”

Three weeks after having suspicious lumps in my breast diagnosed, I was in for surgery. This was followed by 6 months of chemotherapy treatment. Knowing my health care and treatment were being covered by my private health provider was a great weight off our minds. At a time when Brad needed to be close and not at work, the trauma cover provided capital for us to provide a few home comforts and no worries about immediate income.
Both the health cover and trauma are a part of our insurance plans, one providing payment of medical bills and trauma providing a lump sum for us to do what we want with it. One without the other would have made life difficult for us, so we were very happy we had the extra protection in our time of need.
-Linda and Brad