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It’s not always easy to talk about yourself. We much prefer to let our clients say it for us. Here are some of their stories:

“I was unable to work for five weeks”

My name is Carl Roberts. My wife and I have had life insurance with trauma cover for about 12 years. I never actually thought I would be in the situation where I was calling Tim Stevenson to use it but I was diagnosed with a rare smooth muscle cancer called Leiomyosarcoma. It required surgical removal which was the only option, and meant a few days in hospital post-surgery. Recovery required another five weeks off work.

As a one-wage family with a ten-month old daughter, we were paying a mortgage on a property currently being constructed, and renting due to losing our house in the February quake. Financially and emotionally we were very stressed, as many Cantabrians would understand. We were only just keeping our head above water. Not working for five weeks and not being able to claim ACC would have left us in dire straits. I rung Tim and discussed what was happening and fortunately with minimal paperwork and in a timely manner, full payment under the trauma policy was received. This made life a lot less stressful financially, bills were able to be paid, food put on the table and I was able to focus on my recovery, which ultimately enabled me to return to work quicker. You never know when something like this could happen to you or to your family. The minimal monthly outlay for premiums is well worth it.
Thanks once again Tim and the team from Ark Financial Group.
-Carl Roberts