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It’s not always easy to talk about yourself. We much prefer to let our clients say it for us. Here are some of their stories:

Comprehensive Cover - Invaluable

”Ever since we were married, Dave and I have always had basic insurance. Then when Dave decided to start his own landscaping business we realised we’d need to extend it. With three children and Dave the sole income earner; security and peace of mind were really important to us. After talking to our broker, Ian Wallace, we realised we’d need Income Protection, and, Disability and Trauma cover. Of course, extensive cover like this doesn’t come without a price tag. Under Ian’s guidance we’d annually review how much was necessary. He would do an assessment to ensure we had the right cover based on our needs. If a better or more comprehensive cover was suitable, he would advise and action it accordingly.

Two years ago, Dave suffered a seizure whilst working; only a month after having been given a clean bill of health by his GP at his annual check-up. Dave was diagnosed with a brain tumour. It was the darkest of days for our family as we struggled to come to terms with Dave’s health, and the life-changing decisions we were faced with.

Before Dave was diagnosed, we’d hear stories like what we’ve just been through, and think “how sad for that family, and how lucky for our family that it hasn’t happened to us!” Well, now sadly, we are that family “it” happened to. I’m so grateful for all the years of premiums that we reluctantly paid. No-one knows what’s ahead and in a blink of an eye, “it” can happen to anyone.

Having comprehensive cover in place, and confidence in a caring and a knowledgeable agent, has made our family’s journey through these dark days so much easier. It’s important to have the right cover, and equally important to have the right insurance agent to help support you and guide you in actioning policies when the time comes. We’re so glad we did.”